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Stellar Tech Leaders Competency Model

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I am pleased to announce that Stellar Teams has completed development of a competency model specifically designed for leaders of technology functions. We partnered with researchers in Colorado State University’s Department of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. It will allow Stellar Teams to provide validated and reliable assessments, workshops, and performance improvement tools to the technology community so that its leaders and teams can more effectively perform leadership roles in their resident companies.

The press release provides more information.

EmergeTechLdrRoleThis project allows us to clearly understand the skills that technology leaders must demonstrate on a daily basis to be viewed as managing the business of technology for the company rather than just being the manager of the technology function,” said Allan McLaughlin, a former CTO and business unit leader at global publisher LexisNexis, and a co-founder of Stellar Teams. “This is definitely a reframing of one’s perspective on the role a technology leader must play in today’s business environment.”

By the end of 2015, we will pilot the model by applying it to a customized Leadership 360 assessment. I look forward to keeping you posted on this exciting project.

Bob Schwieterman

Bob co-founded Stellar Teams in 2011 and has enthusiastically served as its president ever since. He has worked in the training and development industry for over 25 years and has a unique set of experiences as a general manager, a consultant, and as the head of a corporate organization development function. During his career, he has successfully delivered workshops, coached leaders, and facilitated team development sessions in Europe, Asia, South America, and North America. Bob possesses an undergraduate degree from Wright State University in Management Science and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Xavier University. He also earned is Organizational Development Certificate from NTL Institute, and Coaching Certificate from Newfield Network. Bob is a native of Ohio and resides in Colorado with his wife and three daughters.

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