Accelerating Leader Potential
Stellar HiPo Leaders Program
Designed to prepare high-potential leaders for the next level and broader perspectives of leadership.


Technical Doer to Leader
Stellar Tech Leaders Workshop
Designed to help technologists and tech managers cross the chasm from technical doer to inspirational leader.


Improving Organizations
Stellar Organization
Designed to facilitate the process by which leadership teams create strategies, develop work cultures, and lead change.


Leading Change
Stellar Change Leaders Workshop
Designed to prepare leaders for their role in leading and advocating change in their functions and across the company.


Emerging Technology Leaders
Stellar HiPo Technology Leaders Workshop
Designed to prepare high-potential tech leaders for the next level and broader perspectives of leadership.


Organizational Effectiveness Strategy
Stellar OE Strategy
Designed to diagnose and design strategy and operating plans for the Organizational Effectiveness (OE) function.


Influencing the Business
Stellar Influence Workshop
Designed to help leaders to influence up and across the organization based on politics, trust, and work style.


Women in Technology
Stellar Women Tech Leaders Program
Designed to prepare female technologists to lead tech organizations, and to increase the sponsorship from leaders.


Leadership Development Process
Stellar LD Process
Designed to diagnose and design a comprehensive strategy and process for mapping and developing.


1:1 Leader Coaching
Stellar Leader Guide
Designed to accelerate leadership performance through 1:1 coaching based on assessment and feedback.


Improving Tech Team Performance
Stellar TeamBuilder Workshop
Designed to improve the output of tech teams, through setting of strategy, roles, processes, and relationships.


Leadership Assessment Process
Stellar Leader Assessment Process
Designed to assess the strength of leaders and leadership teams, and create development plans to improve performance.

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